Customer orientation is one of the values of NOVIDESA, being our priority to respond our customers needs or requirements. We also work closely with our customers to develop better products, streamline processes and reduce costs by applying innovative solutions, always with a focus on continuous improvement of our processes. Based on the above, Novidesa assures the quality, availability and timely delivery of its products and services at all times, thus providing added value.
NOVIDESA has a quality management system under ISO-9001:2008. The company is certified by BSI (British Standards Institution), world leader in recording systems Quality Management body.

In 1998, BSI gave the Registration Certificate No. FM 40362 to Idesa Group and its subsidiaries as they have implemented a quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO-9002:1994.
Subsequently, in 2003, BSI certifies the quality management system Idesa Group and its subsidiaries, with the Registry No. FM 40362, confirming compliance with the requirements of ISO-9001: 2000.
In 2009 he met the challenge of obtaining BSI recertification of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

In 2012, the laboratory was visited Polidesa EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity) and CONUEE (National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy) for monitoring the NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006 accreditation ( ISO / IEC 17025: 2005) in NOM-018-ENER-2011 thermal insulation for buildings, characteristics and test methods. We also received the ONNCCE (National Agency for Standardization and Certification of Building and Construction) in NOVIDESA to monitor ONNCCE (STR-017-002 / 08) Certification for Building Systems. In June and July 2012, BSI audited our quality management system
para la re-certificación en ISO 9001:2008.

Thermal Insulation
Standard compliant: NOM-018-ENER-2011
Novidesa, S.A. de C.V.
Certification ONNCCE. Certificate STR-017-001-003- S/11

The NOVIDESA products are licensed for use FIDE seal . Registration No. N1108 models Expandable Polystyrene Products mezzanine panel, insulation panel and wall formwork NOVIDESA brand, certified as efficient in saving electricity.

Pearl with which NOVIDESA manufactures their products is from IDESA and has the UL94 Components - Plastics; Expandable polystyrene (EPS).

Description: The products include a flame retardant that prevents the spread of flame. The product has the property of auto extinguish the flame.
The HOLMAK product is a UL under UL 723 and ASTM Standards C578 , Certification for Density (TYPE IX).
Description: Study the insulation formwork panel in physical properties, manufacturing and production processes.



Commission of the plastics industry responsibility and sustainable development.


Sustainability for Mexico A.C. It is a non -profit organization whose vision is to join efforts towards a sustainable Mexico to improve the quality of life for all through actions together. Is a public space that brings together all the organizations concerned and committed to a sustainable future that our country needs and deserves.


National Metrology Center
Estimation of acoustic transmission losses according to ASTM E90-04
National standardization and certification of building and construction NOM-018-ENER-2001

All the NOVIDESA systems, fulfill the NOM-018-ENER-2011 standard: “Insulating Thermal for Constructions - Characteristic, limits and methods of test”.
Description: Standard for the prevention and Rational Use of Energy Resources, through the use of thermal insulation products.
We also counted on the Opinion of Idoneidad Técnica (DIT) corresponding to the Norm Mexicana NMX-C-405-1997- ONNCCE “Industry of the Construction - Panels for structural use in walls, ceilings and mezzanines”."
Description: The DIT that emits the ONNCCE constitutes a technical opinion for the use in the construction of materials, products, services, systems and procedures that do not count on a specific norm.
DIT/020/12 ‘Insulating mezzanine panel MAKROS’
DIT/019/11 ‘Dividing insulating walls IKOS NOVIDESA’
DIT/018/11 ‘Insulating centering panels for walls HOLMAK NOVIDESA’
Product MAKROS counts on the Opinion of Idoneidad Técnica (DIT) corresponding to Mexican Norm and NMX-C-460- ONNCCE. “Industry of the Construction - Heat insulation - Value “R” for surrounding of house by thermal zone for the Mexican Republic - the Specifications and Verification”.".
DIT/233/12 to the System of Heat insulation `Panel of Insulating entrepiso MAKROS´.
UNderwriters laboratories INC.
Standards in SaftyFile: E305362 Vol.1

The pearl with which NOVIDESA manufactures the products is of IDESA and counts on the Component UL94 - Plastic; Expansible polystyrene (EPS).

Description: the products have a non-flammable agent that it does not allow the flame propagation.

  The product has the property of self extinguishing the flame. Product HOLMAK Is described UL under Norms UL 723 and ASTM C578 Certification for a Density (TYPE IX).

Description: Study to the panel Insulating Centering in physical properties, manufactures and production procedures.
US Green
U.S Green Building council
Green building Design and constriction credits leadership in energy and enviromental design (LEED) participates in awarding points.
American society for testing and materials
Various metal and rolled Standards ASTM C645
Trust for the saving of electrical energy.
Lic. No.201-12 / N1108, 202-12 / N1108, 203-12 / N1108

The NOVIDESA products have license for the use of seal FIDE.
Registry number 201-12/N1108 for Density 16kg/m3
Registry number 202-12/N1108 for Density 20kg/m3
Registry number 203-12/N1108 for Density 30kg/m3
In the 20 Expanded Polystyrene Product models, marks efficient NOVIDESA, certificates as in the saving of electrical energy.
Procedure of Certification to Grant Seal FIDE “PR-41-02” of the FIDE and the requests of Certification No CE-1112-205 to the CE-1112-209.

Full Responsibility

NOVIDESA is committed to meeting the needs of their employees and workers to ensure a healthy, safe and efficient working environment and contribute to the safety of the society close to our facilities and environmental protection, signing voluntary agreements to compliance regulations to achieve harmonious coexistence between all parties.

Therefore, we want to transcend directly through our company, safety in our processes and products that we manufacture, with the participation of our customers and suppliers and our actions through prevention schemes, contributing to society and environmental conservation.